Aspiring Leaders

Aspiring Leaders

Since the beginning of dynasty, our concept of leadership rested on the lineage of influential personalities who are born to govern its constituents. Even in the corporate world today, the succession of CEO’s would automatically come from the owner of the business. While the system has been the culprit to people being discourged to pursue leadership, it is also responsible for incumbents who fail in governance due to lack of experience and passion. They have only been given the authority without meaning. Another thing is that when we think of leadership we overwhelm ourselves with this huge image of responsibility that it gives us the impression that only influential people would have the resources to fulfill what is required. It is not to imply that passing the baton to your bloodline is a bad idea, for as long as the successor is determined to serve then all falls into place.

Experience and passion being considerably the two main essentials to leadership, the difference between them is that experience can only be as diverse as possible, whereas passion allows you not only to hear people out but to hear what God says about his people. Passion draws not only from your deepest desires but from the will of the Father. It gives us the yearning to serve and teaches us the essence of valuing people rather than valuing the plan. It enables you to surrender your plan in exchange of His and rouse people to seek God with you. It motivates rather than command. Passion pushes you to go that extra mile to begin with before sitting in control.

Jesus is the quintessential of true leadership. The scripture records that while Jesus claims to be the Son of God, He managed to eat with crooks, touched the lepers, and healed on Sabbath day.  All His works did not actually reveal the leader material in Him but these gained Him much influence, way more than the king and high priests in that era and up to this moment, considering He was only known as the son of the carpenter who had not much. Not only because Jesus is Lord and therefore has the power to persuade, but because He begins His day with a Word with the Father in Heaven.

Hebrews 3:15 says “Today, if you shall hear his voice, harden not your hearts.” The desire and ability to lead and delegate task wisely come from having the heart to seek and acknowledge the voice of the Divine Leader. A true leader recognizes that his calling is a revelation from the Creator, the One who has the game plan of the entire universe that moves by the rules of the One who has preordained it. We ought to receive instruction that comes from the Father that we may realize what we have been created for, and to see the value of creation in His eyes in order to have the capacity to oversee all that He has entrusted to us.

While you might wonder what relationship leadership has with creation, God wants us to be the CEO of His masterpiece by first having the right character. As most dream of initiating an advocacy and celebrate victory, we are in fact given the opportunity to take the lead right now in preserving God’s work in our own little way and celebrate its fruitfulness as a humble beginning.

The Word again says being faithful in small things will put in us charge of greater things. For some it might have to take a little courage to consider a good habit and make a difference by simply keeping a clean environment as a first step towards that leadership climb. But it will definitely give you that discipline you need to get to the peak of your highest potential. For those who are already leaders, you have been blessed to have the influence to stir your people to take initiative in being mindful of what God has created to benefit the entire race. The question is, would you take the privilege?

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