If you look carefully at the world around, you will discover all sorts of people, plants, animals, heavenly constellations, etc. Each is unique and has a story.

Perhaps the best place to learn about our environment is at the local Library where there are books, films, and access to the Internet. This is the quickest way to learn about God’s world.

However, you can go to the local bookstore or online and buy reference books on various subjects such as birds, plants and flowers, or almost anything of interest. Learning more about your world, helps you understand how it was designed by God and how it works. On Creation Day, get together with friends and see how many of God’s wonders you can identify and describe. Talk about how man has affected each of these wonders and how we can be better stewards of God’s legacy.

If you have children, teach them about their natural world. Use pictures, stories, and coloring books. Play games geared toward learning and responsibility.

Take a picnic lunch and take the opportunity to discuss what you are eating and how God has provided for his people.

Most of all, GIVE THANKS!